The authority of the Roman Catholic Church is dogmatically founded upon Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, the two fonts of the Deposit of Faith.  The Catholic Faith does not exist in contemporary Vatican II inventions and indigenous deviations, as promoted by the Holy See and sacrilegiously compounded by its charges throughout the world. 

Self-indicted by its profound contempt of the Traditional Latin Mass, the only remedy for the errors of Vatican II is unequivocal repudiation. The Roman Curia has devolved into further apostasy in its liturgy, doctrine, and sacraments since the time Archbishop Lefebvre initially called Vatican II “not Catholic”. Vatican II and its derivatives must therefore be soundly rejected by, not subsumed in, the Traditional Catholic Faith.

The traditional Catholic faithful cannot eliminate Vatican II apostasy by collaborating over the Traditional Latin Mass and the true Sacraments. The notion of an accommodation between Vatican II modernism and Sacred Tradition is fundamentally flawed, because Vatican II is intentionally designed to dismantle the Traditional Latin Mass, the true Sacraments, Catholic morality, and even traditional Church aesthetics. Therefore, I reject the liturgical abomination designed by the architects of Vatican II and presupposed for action without canonical authority. I reject the surreptitious corruption by Vatican II of the Traditional Latin Mass, the Sacraments, and the Catechism.


On my behalf and for those whom God has made me responsible, I hereby petition the Bishops of the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth to cease and withdraw from all further communications with the Roman Curia and its representatives concerning the status of the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth until such time as the Holy See and the Roman Curia unconditionally disavow Vatican II and conclusively demonstrate their rehabilitated conduct according to the traditional canons, rites and dogma of the Holy Roman Catholic Church prior to the apostasy of Vatican II.


MAIL TO:    
                     Bishop Bernard Fellay
                   Priorat Mariae Verkundigung
                   Schloss Schwandegg
                   Menzingen, ZG, CH-6313, SWITZERLAND